CRO Panel Discussion

For the first time, PANIC explores the topic of Contract Research Organizations that provide NMR measurement services, and we'll hear from those who provide NMR measurement services, and those who use them. Services provided by CROs are valuable and varied, covering liquid and solid state NMR, and measurements in GLP and GMP settings. PANIC attendees will have a chance to weigh in on their own experience, priorities, and plans to use CRO measurement services for practical problem solving.


Session Chair:

Frank Delaglio, NIST


Ruth Steele

Janssen Research and Development


Ruth Steele is a Principal Scientist in the Lead Discovery Department at Janssen Research and Development, Spring House, PA.  She got her first taste for NMR during her undergraduate thesis project at Oxford University with Dr. Andrew Derome. She received her Ph. D. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania determining the NMR structures of the protein MerP from the bacterial mercury detoxification system in the lab of Professor Stanley Opella. She went on to study intestinal fatty acid binding proteins as a post-doc at Washington University Medical School before joining 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals and then Janssen Research and Development. At Janssen she splits her time between leading a team of protein scientists who produce the protein for screening, assay development and structural studies and using NMR to support small molecule structure-based drug discovery programs.

Alan Gibbs

Janssen Research and Development


Alan Gibbs is a Principal Scientist in the Lead Discovery Department at Janssen Research and Development, Spring House, PA.  He received his Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Alberta with Dr. David Wishart using NMR to study the structure of peptides. Subsequently he joined 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals which then merged with Janssen Research and Development. At Janssen he spent several years doing computer-aided drug design to support small molecule structure-based drug discovery programs. In the last several years, he has been using various NMR methods to aid drug discovery programs with activities such as small molecule lead discovery, enzyme characterization and protein dynamics.

Ted Turner

Spectral Data Services


Ted Turner is a Spectroscopist at Spectral Data Services, Inc.  He received his B.S. in Chemistry in 2005 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked at a pharmaceutical company for 1.5 years and joined Spectral Data Services, Inc. as an NMR Spectroscopist in 2007.  During this period at Spectral Data Services, Inc., he has learned a wide range of 1D and 2D NMR techniques, modified pulse sequences, been responsible for installation of two new NMR systems along with two NMR console upgrades.  He also has been involved in writing and performing method validations and protocols.

Khalid Thakur



Khalid Thakur received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry at University of Minnesota. He used MAS and solution NMR to study and characterize polymers / materials for 16 years while at 3M Corporate Research and at Cargill Corporate Research. He effectively used high temperature proton fast MAS NMR for study of polymeric materials and for reverse engineering. Currently, he is President of Chemtos, which offers solution NMR services at 500 MHz and 300 MHz (in addition to its main business of Custom-synthesis and Certified Analytical Reference Standards) using in-house instruments. Chemtos also offers “Quantitative Proton NMR” as a service for determination of potency of reference standards and for determination of concentration in solutions.

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