(Poster Numbers are Subject to Change)

Poster #1. Medium Resolution 1H-NMR at 62 MHz as a Chemically Sensitive Online Detector for the Chromatography of Polymers (SEC-NMR)

Carlo Botha, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Poster #2. Saponins from saffron corms inhibit the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines

Dr. Ombeline Danton, University of Basel


Poster #3. Use of Quantitative NMR for the Certification of Reference Materials

Dr. Lauren Lytwak, MilliporeSigma


Poster #4. Up-to-date Industrial Applications of Time-Domain NMR

Dr. Leonid Grunin, Resonance Systems


Poster #5. High-Resolution, Solution-State ODNP-enhanced NMR Spectroscopy at Low Magnetic F

Dr. Thorsten Maly, Bridge12, Technologies, Inc.


Poster #6. Efficient Approaches for Addressing Spectral Ambiguities in CASE Systems

Dr. Dimitris Argyropoulos, Advanced Chemistry Development UK Ltd


Poster #7. Benchtop NMR spectroscopy with advanced pulse sequences, a sensor for processes

Jonathan Farjon, University of Nantes


Poster #8. Imaging sorghum roots in natural soil

Dr. Hilary Fabich, ABQMR Inc.


Poster #9. Accelerated Reconstruction Method with Image Quality Improvement in a Low-Field

Jia Gong, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Poster #10. Detection of Multiplets in 13C Spectra Using Structure Aware Algorithms

Jessica Litman, ACD/Labs

Poster #11. An Electro-Permanent-Magnet Hybrid Array for Low-field MRI Head Imager

Wen Chuan Mu, Singapore Uniiversity of Technology and Design


Poster #12. Study of diastereoselective addition reactions to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Presenting Author: Dr. Padmanava Pradhan, City College of CUNY


Poster #13. Development of a novel Proficiency Testing (PT) material for quantitative NMR (qNMR)

Alexander Rueck, Sigma-Aldrich Production GmbH


Poster #14. Development of Certified Reference Material (CRM) solutions for quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (qNMR) and quantitative Performance Qualification (qPQ)

Alexander Rueck, Sigma-Aldrich Production GmbH


Poster #15. Radiofrequency (RF) Controlled Computatioal Theranostics for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Bamidele Awojoyogbe, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria


Poster #16. A Passively Decoupled Two-coil System for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive

Zhi Hua Ren, Singapore University of Technology and Design


Poster #17. Drug Product Comparability Assessment by NMR

Yicheng Yang, Baxter Healthcare


Poster #18. Fuel Property Modeling from Chemical Structures Identified using 13C NMR

Dr. Tim Bays, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Poster #19. Scope and Limitations of novel NMR techniques for investigations of the Skin

Cameron Robertson, Kingston University


Poster #20. Application and Design of NMR-based Chiral Solvating Agents and Chiral Derivatizing Agents in a Pharmaceutical Industry Setting

Dr. Robert Williamson, University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Poster #21. Development of multi-channel parallel atomic magnetometer MRI

Igor Savukov, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Poster #22. An NMR Based Similarity Metric for Higher Order Structure Quality Assessment among U.S. Marketed Insulin Therapeutics

Dr. Deyun Wang, US FDA


Poster #23. Implementation of a Neural Network for Predicting NMR Hydrocarbon Fluid Typing

Bamidele Awojoyogbe, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria


Poster #24. Study of Semicrystalline Polymer Aging by TD-NMR

Dr. Olaf Kohlmann, Lexmar Global Inc.


Poster #25. Cr(acac)3 Effects on 13C NMR Experiments under Various Conditions

Yiyong He, DuPont


Poster #26. Enhanced Methods of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance for 14N Detection in Explosives and Narcotics

Lewis Robertson, CSIRO


Poster #27. Solid State NMR as an Orthogonal Technique for Crystallization Detection in Amorphous Dispersions

Lauren Switala, Lonza

Poster #28. Characterization of Protein Deamidation by NMR

Mingzhang Wang, Pfizer

Poster #29. Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Non-Destructive Method for the Characterization of Silicone Elastomer Chemistry In-Situ

Dr. April Sawvel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Poster #30. Measurement of ppb-quantities of dimethylsilanediol in water by 1H-NMR

Don Eldred, The Dow Chemical Company

Poster #31. Tool for Monitoring Viscosity Content and Brand Authentication of Petroleum Products


Poster #32. Streamlining Structure Identification and Improving Acquisition Time

Dr. Robert Marti, PPG

Poster #33. Interactions of small molecules in complex mixtures by high-resolution relaxometry

Dr. Simone Pisano, Ecole Normale Superieure

Poster #34. A Comparison of CRAFT, qGSD, and Traditional Integration Methods for Quantitation of Excipients and Trace Impurities by NMR

Ken Skidmore, Genentech

Poster #35. Automated Analysis and Quantitation of Complex Forensic Drug Mixtures by qNMR and a Multi-Component, Multi-Resonance Algorithm

Aaron Tang, Health Canada


Poster #36. The 3D Structure Determination of Scc4 in Chlamydia trachomatis using NMR Spectroscopy

Thilini Oshadhi Senarath Ukwaththage, Louisiana State University


Poster #37. Competitive Adsorption of Gas Mixtures on Activated Carbon: Improving Our Understanding of Arson Evidence

Dr. Jason Widegren, NIST


Poster #38. 2H SOLCOR: A novel tool for reducing volume variation as a source of error in external standard quantitative NMR

Jason Ewanicki, Pfizer Worldwide R&D

Poster #39. Toward better characterized glycoconjugate vaccines: Analysis of S. aureus CP5 steps of chemical activation and model conjugation

Kelly Sackett, Pfizer

Poster #40. Silicone Curing Rate Measured by NMR and FTIR

Min Gao, Air Liquide Electronics

Poster #41. Portable Earth's Field NMR Systems for the Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents

Derrick Kaseman, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Poster #42. Application of qNMR in drug quliaty control in China

Dr. Caiyu Zhang, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control

Poster #43. Industrial Applications of Low-Field NMR Spectroscopy for Process and Quality Control of Silanes

Dr. Klas Meyer, Bundesanstalt fr Materialforschung und -prfung (BAM)

Poster #44. Applications of a Quantum Mechanical Model in qNMR

Daniel Holland, University of Canterbury

Poster #45. Analysis of Biologics and Biosimilars by Magnetic Resonance - A Review

Dr. Anna Codina, Bruker

Poster #46. Chemometric Outlier Detection and Classification of 2D-NMR Spectra to Enable Higher Order Structure Characterization of Protein Therapeutics

Dr. Frank Delaglio, NIST

Poster #47. Single sample test for the calibration of NMR systems

Dr. Amy Freund, Bruker BioSpin

Poster #48. Unraveling the Inherent Complexity of Polysorbate Surfactants using Advanced Analytical Techniques

Jose G Napolitano, Genentech Inc.

Poster #49. Broadband, variable temperature benchtop NMR for industrial and research applications

Dr. James Sagar, Oxford Instruments

Poster #50. NMR a valuable tool for quality control in vaccine industry - Practical comparison between ELISA immunoassay and qNMR

Patricia Sepulcri, Sanofi Pasteur

Poster #51. Challenges in Low Field Magnetic Resonance: Transmit/Receive, RF, and more

Dr. Karl Stupic, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Poster #52. Application of Computational MRI Modelling and Machine Learning to Fluid Typing in Shale

Dr. Michael Dada, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria

Poster #53. The Materials Project Database of NMR Tensors for 29Si and 27Al - VASP versus CASTEP Systematic Differences

Sophia Hayes, Washington University

Poster #54. Determination of Cannabidiol and other Cannabinoids in CBD Products using 1H-qNMR Spectroscopy

Kristie Adams, Steelyard Analytics, Inc.

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