Session 1

Process & Reaction Monitoring

Chair: M. Davis

NMR of chemical reactions at elevated process conditions

Hilary Fabich (ABQMR Inc.)    


Online monitoring of enzymatic hydrolysis of marine by-products

Evan McCarney (Korimako Chemical Limited)

Enzyme kinetics determined by rapid real-time NMR

Elwin van der Cruijsen (DSM)


Medium Resolution 1H-NMR at 62 MHz as a Chemically Sensitive Online Detector for the Chromatography of Polymers (SEC-NMR)

Carlo Botha (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   

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Session 2

Polymers & Material Catalysts

Chairs: M. Janicke, S. Mattler, J. DeFelippis

Solid-state NMR Strategies to Decode Porous Materials

Vladimir Michaelis (University of Alberta)

Zeolites Heterogeneous Catalysts Caught in the Act by (DNP) MAS NMR

Frederic Blanc (University of Liverpool)

Looking deeply into a turbid crystal ball: TD-NMR on liquid polymer dispersions

Nikolaus Nestle (BASF Advanced Materials and Systems Research)

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Session 3

Applications in Energy & Renewables 

Chair: K. Wu

Using DOSY Spectroscopy to Understand the Origins of Fuel Properties

Tim Bays (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Two-Dimensional NMR Applications for Structural Elucidation of Complex Petrochemical Mixtures

Debra Sysyn (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)

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Session 4 


Chairs: K. Sackett & J. Marino

Accessible NMR Technologies for Analyzing Biopharmaceuticals: Applications to Antibodies and Antibody-Binding Receptors

Adam Barb (University of Georgia)   

Welcome to the SIERRA, Where Have All the Large Peaks Gone?

Luke Arbogast (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

1H2O NMR from Solute Organization to Quality Control in Biomanufacturing

Marc Taraban (University of Maryland, Baltimore)         

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Session 5

Portable Low Field NMR & MRI

Chairs: S. Menezes & T. Bergeron


Low-field RheoNMR

Manfred Wilhelm (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Implementation of a Benchtop NMR in a manufacturing Environment

Travis Gregar (3M)

The Latest Progress of Low-field Permanent-Magnet-based MRI Head Imager

Shaoying Huang (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Low-field NMR and MRI For In Operando NMR Studies.

Dimitrios Sakellariou  (KU Leuven – cMACS)       

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Session 6

Regulatory & Forensics

Chair: J. Warren


Complementary Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry and NMR: Food Applications

Clark Ridge (FDA)               


Low Field qNMR of Methamphetamine HCl

Charlotte Corbett (FBI)

Adhesive Tapes in Magic Angle - NMR's Superior Discrimination Power

Torsten Schoenberger (Bundeskriminalamt)     

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Session 7

Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

Chairs: A. Abraham & A. Freund

Insights into Pharmaceutical Drug Products Using Multinuclear Solid-State NMR

Joe Lubach (Genentech, Inc.)     

What can NMR analysis reveal about Acyl Glucuronides and their relative stability

Alexei Buevich (Merck and Co., Inc.)      

Opportunities and Challenges in 19F Detection of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals

Matthew Nethercott (Kansas Analytical Services, LLC)  

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Session 8

New Hardware & Techniques

Chair: J. Cort


In Situ (Operando) Magic Angle Spinning NMR for Harsh Experimental Conditions

Jian Zhi Hu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Reducing Sample Heating Employing a Variable Spaced Tau CPMG

Michael Dick (Green Imaging Technologies)    

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Session 9

Automated qNMR

Chair: K. Chen


Automated Quantification with Benchtop NMR

Yevgen Matviychuk (University of Canterbury)  

Automated 2D quantitative NMR spectroscopy for complex drug analysis

Marco Guerrini (Istituto di Ricerche Chimiche e Biochimiche G Ronzoni)


Utilizing validated NMR techniques for the in-situ characterization and quantitation of key biomarkers and actives in tape stripped ex-vivo Human skin

Cameron Robertson (Kingston University)         


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